• Solar Glass

    Solar Glass

    Solar Glass is a high performance low iron glass with very high solar energy transmittance. When toughened,its strength and durability make it the ideal choice for crystalline silicon photovoltaic application as well as for solar thermal collectors.

  • EVA Film

    EVA Film

    EVA solar film play an important part in enhancing the durability and performance of solar panels. They enable the solar cells to ‘float’ between the glass and the backsheet, helping to soften shocks and vibrations and protecting the cells and their circuits. High-performance EVA sheets we supply are subject to rigorous quality testing and verification. Featuring products in a wide range of sizes and types, our portfolio of EVA films is a trusted source for many of the world’s largest photovoltaic module manufacturers.

  • ETFE Film

    ETFE Film

    ETFE is a unique thermoplastic Fluoropolymers. It combines improved mechanical properties, great Mouldability, and excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance.

  • Solar Backsheet

    Solar Backsheet

    TPT (solar backsheet) symplectite coatings contain highly dispersed nano titanium silicide and high thermal conductivity materials, which greatly improve the High-FluoroCocrystal solar cell backsheet performance.